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The Smart Company Kids Zone is where learning and fun come together for all ages. Whether it’s a field trip for schools or qualifying for American Ninja Warrior, they have it all in one.

There is a gap in financial intelligence with kids and adults. The HOOK is the Zone to get families in the door where learning is in the air.

Financial Intelligence Headquarters starts with stock market education because companies are the wheels that drive the economy, it’s Capitalism.

ONE of a kind Family Entertainment Center is themed after the stock market, where families learn through osmosis.

The Zone embraces ALL FAMILY EVENTS from a toddler’s birthday, weddings, family reunions or corporate teaming building for locals and Hilton Head Island tourists.

The Smart Company Kids, Danny, Michael, Grady, Daisy, Kate and Christopher, went out for breakfast at a restaurant and the kids wanted to play a game. They had the idea to name the companies in the Dow 30.

A couple in their 60’s came in and sat across from them. As the kids took turns trying to name more than the other, the man looked at them and said “what are you doing.” Michael answered and said “naming the Dow 30, want to play?” The man jokingly said, maybe we
should leave, you know a lot more than we know!

Daisy came home from school and told the family she had a great time in school that day. When asked why, she said “they had a scavenger hunt.” When asked what they were hunting, she said “they had to find three products the companies made and put them in the company bag with the name.”

Grady was playing the Stocks Market Kings and Queens’ video game that The Zone had an animator design about the stock market.

When you play, you identify the company, name the CEO, three products, the sector and
headquarters. The player leaps from building to building, boards the plane with the correct
company sector and parachutes to a map of the US to find the headquarters. The game is
all fun and play. His mother asked him why he liked the game. I asked if he liked it better
than Fortnite. He said yes because he’s “learning something.”

When an adult asked Grady what he knew about CEOs, he responded by saying “well, I can tell you that the Starliner never made it to outer space and the 737 is still grounded, so Dennis Mullenberg is not the Boeing CEO anymore.

One of the Smart Company kids, Danny asked why Target was not in the Dow 30 like Walmart. The same kid on the way to the airport saw a Boeing facility and told his parents “that is one of the Dow 30.” These are the kind of things they learn without knowing it.