Field Trips

Learn the Power of Financial Intelligence

Bring your school, your classroom to the Financial Intelligence Headquarters where science, technology, engineering, art, math, social studies bond with Financial Intelligence. The Financial Intelligence Headquarters energizes already established foundations taught in the schools today.

The stages presented to the students and teachers are adaptable to any age group and offer a continuing education style field trip that schools can incorporate all year long.

Our instructors at the Zone believe in the power of financial intelligence. Our medium for learning is fun and play and the SCK Zone is the perfect place to play and study. The Financial Intelligence Headquarters can integrate with all aspects of learning not just math and numbers.

Our Financial Intelligence Headquarters embraces progressive learning and is a game changer. The class can come time and again and proceed to the next chapter!

Brain research tells us when the fun stops, learning often stops, too. So, our Financial Intelligence Headquarters makes learning joyful and memorable.

Curiosity builds when you visit the Fun Fact Room, put on your head set and listen to three surprising facts about each company, as well as the Headquarters (geography), global competitors, CEO and more.

Did you know Coca Cola has enough vending machines to fill three Empire State buildings or that coke is the second most used word in the world? Boeing has a plane named after one of the muppets, Kermit Kruiser, their headquarters is the largest building in the world and the 787 empty
weighs more than 29 elephants.

You get to buy 5 stocks in real time and take the Escape Room to the stock exchange before you sit down with your Instructors. Now, the critical thinking begins. After all, nothing changes faster than tomorrow.

Enjoy lunch or snacks while you’re here!

Give your students meaningful opportunities to gain financial intelligence! Call today and we will customize your experience with age appropriate activities.


All Field Trips are structured for age appropriate and progressive lessons.

Progressive refers to fully developed curriculum where each field trip builds upon previous lesson, hence continuing education.
There are 3 field trip levels to manage financial considerations and budgetary constraints.
The Field Trip offers fiscal and physical fitness.

Small - Cap Field Trip $18

Time to complete the Field Trip is dependent on number of students participating.
1 hour 15 minutes is average

  • 10 companies with Fun Facts.
  • One Age-appropriate lesson teaching student Financial Intelligence.

Mid - Cap Field Trip $25

Time to complete the Field Trip is dependent on number of students participating.
1 hour 30 minutes is average

  • 20 companies with Fun Facts
  • Two age-appropriate lessons teaching student Financial Intelligence

Large - Cap Field Trip $35

Time to complete the Field Trip is dependent on number of students participating.
3 hours is average.

  • 30 companies with Fun Facts
  • 1 of 6 custom designed Stock Market Kings and Queens video game
  • Students choose 5 of 30 companies from the Fun Fact Room and purchase $5000 of stock in each of the 5 companies. This is a real time simulated stock trade. Students are encouraged to track performance daily. At the end of one month, the student with the highest gains wins a prize.
  • Two age-appropriate lessons teaching students about Financial Intelligence.
  • Students visit the Escape Room and take the subway to the New York Stock Exchange. Students use their critical thinking to arrive and place their trade before the market closes. (Escape room may be substituted for another activity depending on age.)

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