Financial Intelligence Headquarters

Where Learning is in the Air for ALL AGES

Our instructors at the Zone believe in the power of financial intelligence.

We start by teaching kids about investing in the stock market! Through Edutainment

Brain research tells us when the fun stops, learning often stops, too. Our Financial Intelligence Headquarters makes learning joyful and memorable.

Field Trips for Schools & Home Schoolers

  • Give your students meaningful opportunities to gain financial intelligence! Call today and we will customize your experience with age appropriate activities.

Adult Classes

  • Don’t Know What You Don’t Know – ADULTS only! Sign up for the basics and more!
  • Lots of fun topics: Financial Planning 101, 529 Plans or other ways to save for college, IRA’s, Roth IRA’s, SEP, 401ks, Gifting, Charitable Trusts and many more.
  • You name your topic and we will help you learn so you can make your own decisions.

Students & all you SMART KIDS

  • Students if you have experienced buying stock in companies, that is WONDERFUL and only makes sense because capitalism is a part of our lives.
  • SO, visit our Headquarters and continue investing in the stock market with our play money. You get $50,000 to invest and have the chance to be the BIG WINNER.
  • Track your performance each month and see if YOU win the big prize.

Participate in after school clubs to learn Financial Intelligence.

  • Young Achievers
  • Create your own club
  • Start an investment club for a group of kids and keep learning.
  • Parent kid classes for Financial Intelligence.
  • Fun teacher student competition.

Disclosure: we are not affiliated with any Broker Dealer and do not recommend products or provide advice.