Redefining the Game

So much more than a training aid, HitTrax is the only data capture and simulation system that provides powerful performance metrics with a game time experience.

Using patented technology, HitTrax has revolutionized the baseball/softball industry by greatly enhancing training capabilities and engaging players like never before.

  •  Softball and Baseball
  •  Indoor/Outdoor Compatibility
  • Adapts to All Skill Levels
  • Live Pitching, Pitching Machines, Soft Toss or Batting Tee
  • 110+ mph measurements
  • +/- 1 mph accuracy
  • Millisecond response time

Instantaneous Feedback

Real-time Stats

Game-changing Data

HitTrax measures key performance metrics and generates in-depth reports, allowing for pitch-by-pitch analysis, session summaries, and trend charting over any time period.

With an unmatched experience, batters can view their performance as if playing in their favorite stadium while measuring metrics such as exit velocity and launch angle! Pitchers can see their late movement, along with pitch speed and location, and work to optimize their delivery. Pitchers and batters can even compete head-to-head in realistic at-bats, while all data is recorded simultaneously.

When paired with the HitTrax VCAM (Video Capture and Analysis Module), each swing/pitch is automatically recorded and cataloged with the corresponding data – enabling true “cause & effect” analysis without any post-session editing needed! Focus on specific parts of the strike zone, compare high-speed video side-by-side, and show swing evolution over time. Now players can get immediate feedback on how a small change to their mechanics can make a big impact.

Hitting Stats

  • Exit Velocity
  • Launch Angle
  • Distance
  • Point of Impact
  • Play Outcome
  • Strike Zone Analysis
  • High Speed Video w/ integrated metrics

Catching Stats

  • Arm Strength
  • Pop Time/ Transfer Time
  • Exchange Time
  • Throw Accuracy
  • Caught Stealing %
  • Strike Zone Analysis
  • High-Speed Video w/ integrated metrics

Pitching Stats

  • Pitch Velocity
  • Pitch Location
  • Late Break Measurement
  • % Strikes
  • Performance by Pitch Type
  • Opposing Battling Stats
  • High-Speed Video w/ integrated metrics