Ninja Obstacle Course

FITNESS meets FUN in our Ninja Course

5 CERTIFIED Ninja Instructors qualified to teach and JUDGE competitions.

Ninja Warrior Obstacle Racing Course

Ninja Agility Training

Challenging 4 lane course built for those who want to compete at the American Ninja Warrior TV show level or just want to experience it… first-hand.

Mid-level Obstacle Racing Course for the rest of us competitors with unique elements that resemble real world challenges.


Member of Ultimate Ninja Athlete Association

See it-Feel it-Be it!

Be a Ninja G.O.A.T.

Greatest of All Time

Team building

Businesses, Corporations and Classrooms


Age Groups, Professional Groups i.e. Fireman, Policemen, Nurses, Doctors, Dentists, One School Against Another, WHATEVER, Bring it ON!


No matter what the sport, come train for agility, speed or competition!

Personal trainers

Bring Your Students

See it-Feel it-Do it!

Ninja Agility Training

Ninja classes for all ages starting at tiny tots through 99!

Little Ninja Ages 4-5

Get your little ninja started with classes geared towards more precise movement, and ability to combine multiple physical actions. 

Obstacle Course Racing (OCR) Ages 6 Through Adults

Learn about American Ninja Warrior Obstacles. Let our experienced instructors help train your muscles to glide through challenging Ninja Fit Games.